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Looking for tips on how to use WordPress and improve your skills? Do you want to know about new features of the CMS or discover all the possibilities it offers to its users?

This blog answers all your questions and presents the latest news about WordPress, the world’s most widely used content management system.

Le blog Maintenance WP

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Why offer a blog on WordPress?

Since its beginning, Maintenance WP’s mission has been to provide WordPress users with solutions specifically adapted to their needs. To meet this objective, our team of experts offers a full range of services: maintenance, support, assistance, creation of all types of WordPress sites (showcase site, e-commerce, multi-service platform …).

In addition to these services, Maintenance WP wished to develop a blog on its website accessible to all. Entirely free of charge, this specialized blog allows you, whether you are a customer or not, to find all the information you need to better use your WordPress site on a daily basis – whether you use WordPress.com or WordPress.org.

Our blog, regularly updated with new articles, thus complements our various services by perfectly fulfilling the main mission set since the creation of Maintenance WP: to support and help WordPress users in the most exhaustive way possible.

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Blog Maintenance WP: what are the themes of our posts?

The blog is a comprehensive support tool. Find detailed articles on all topics related to the WordPress platform, such as :

  • WordPress news (latest available features, new plugins, regulations, recent updates…)
  • Advice and tutorials on the use of WordPress (choice of different WP versions, WordPress hosting, post writing, layout, traffic analysis, maintenance tips, site creation…)
  • WordPress SEO (SEO optimization, tips to rank your posts well on search engines…)
  • Security (data protection, privacy rules, antivirus…)

To keep our advice relevant, our blog posts are updated regularly. Online, you can access recent information and enjoy the latest news – all articles are sorted by publication date.

Our experts are also at your disposal at any time available at any time to assist you in your project of creation or maintenance of websites.