WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO

Boost your visibility

Appearing among the first results of the main search engines is essential to guarantee a maximum number of visits to your website. Optimizing the search engine optimization of a WordPress site improves its positioning and increases its popularity.

However, content creation and WordPress SEO requires certain skills and technical knowledge that only experts have.
Maintenance WP therefore offers you a turnkey solution to meet this need, at the time of the creation of your website or to develop it!

Maintenance WP: trust us for your SEO!

The WordPress services that we offer you to discover are all made by professional developers and webmasters who will be able to bring you concrete solutions to implement on the CMS that is WordPress (this is also applicable for e-commerce sites using an extension like WooCommerce).

Our knowledge in HTML or PHP will allow us to make an in-depth analysis of your website whatever it is (showcase, e-commerce, multi-site …), in order to propose you to set up actions to improve your WordPress referencing by working on :

  • The optimization of the HTML code and the content hierarchy
  • The speed of display of the site on all media
  • Optimization of page meta-descriptions
  • Content improvement
  • Optimization of the weight of the images and their description
  • Optimization of URLs and site structure
  • Errors correction
  • The deployment of a Netlinking strategy.

WP Maintenance improves WordPress referencing with search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…).

What actions for your WordPress SEO?

SEO on Google or any other browser can be very tricky.

Backlinks and netlinking, verification of tags, creation of SEO optimized content, conducting an SEO audit, checking page loading time and internal mesh, positioning on the long tail…

Improving the referencing of a website requires many complex tasks to be done in parallel, in order to allow you to appear in good position in Google search results.

Indeed, reaching the first page is not impossible, but knowing the algorithm and taking care of each page is necessary to reference your site and succeed in WordPress referencing.

Our teams, who apply a well-functioning SEO policy, will therefore be able to act at different levels and thus help you implement an effective SEO strategy.

SEO website audit

Full site audit and competition analysis

It all starts with a detailed analysis of your WordPress SEO, as well as the competition, to find out what WordPress SEO strategy needs to be implemented.

Seo keywords

Definition of high value keywords

We will choose with you the most relevant terms and keywords, according to your objectives and your target, to help you position yourself on them.

keywords following

Test on 5 keywords for 1 month

We will carry out a one-month test phase based on 5 keywords to carry out a more in-depth analysis and verify that the strategy implemented is the right one.

SEO contents

Creation of essential SEO content

We will help you create content adapted to the targeted keywords.

SEO improvement

SEO work

We will set up methods that aim to boost the natural referencing of your site.

keywords tracking

Keyword tracking and monitoring

Regular monitoring will allow us to learn more about the evolution and performance of your site for each targeted keyword.

SEO reassessment

Reassessment after the tests

We will establish a report at the end of the test to re-evaluate the objectives if necessary, or set up a WordPress SEO support over the longer term.

SEO strategy

Implementation throughout the site

We will then be able to apply the defined strategy to the whole of your site to allow it to go up in the results of the search engines.

Taking care of your WordPress SEO

1 – Find out about our WordPress SEO offers

Find out about the different tasks we offer to take care of for your WordPress SEO.

2 – Contact us

Get in touch with our teams to tell them about your project, your expectations, but also to ask them your questions about WordPress SEO.

3 – SEO strategy proposal

If our proposal suits you, then we can start the work together!


Why use a WordPress SEO service?

A search engine such as Google will systematically classify search results according to the most visited sites, but also the best referenced ones.

Knowing that most Internet users often only open the links on the first page of the results proposed by Google, it is essential to be able to appear there.

WordPress SEO will therefore boost the notoriety of your website, while making it more visible in search results.

To do this, a strategy must be established, because effective but duplicated content will lead to penalties that will have a negative effect on your SEO.

Being accompanied by professionals for its WordPress SEO is therefore essential.

How to subscribe to the offer?

As far as WordPress SEO is concerned, we offer a basic package at $399/month, which includes all the necessary steps to improve your SEO.

Depending on your needs or the different interventions to be carried out, this price may vary.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from your customer area on Maintenance WP in just a few clicks.

How do you know if the implemented strategy is working?

After several months, you will surely notice that your website is better positioned in the search results and that your number of visits is increasing; this is the proof that the work done is starting to pay off!

Get started in the WordPress SEO adventure!

Your website has the right to have the visibility it deserves to keep your business going.

There is no more time to lose to enhance your website and boost its natural referencing.

Our teams are just waiting for your green light to get to work!

From $399/month

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