WordPress Support

Customized support for your WordPress site

Because your website represents you, your users must find navigating it fast and efficient.

Maintenance WP ensures the proper functioning of your WordPress site with support plans customized for your needs. Bugs or slowdowns fixes, design modifications, additional features …
The Maintenance WP team quickly works on your WordPress site to keep it fast and bug-free.

WordPress support team

WordPress support provided by experts

Entrust your WordPress support to our website development and creation specialists so you can focus on your business, while having the ability to create a website that reflects your image and meets your expectations.

Our WordPress services are all provided by teams specializing in the creation of websites using WordPress.
You will therefore be accompanied by real experts!

We offer you different custom services to meet all your needs in terms of website creation and improvement of your web pages, such as :

WordPress child theme

Child theme creation

WordPress themes and plugins configuration

Theme / plugin configuration

bug fixed

Bug fixes

WordPress updates

Theme / plugin / core updates

WordPress SSL and HTTPS

SSL certificate installation (HTTPS)

Custom design

Design changes

Website optimization

Speed optimization

WordPress hacked site cleanup

Hacked site cleanup

Security improved

Security hardening


Theme / plugin translations

WordPress site migration

Site transfer and migration

Custom code

New feature development

WooCommerce support

Maintenance WP also provides support for your WooCommerce shops

WooCommerce is an open source extension for WordPress that allows the creation of an online store.

Sellers wishing to create an online store turn to this solution for the creation of their website.

Our WordPress support team, who has a deep knowledge of the WooCommerce extension, will also be able to offer you a customized support, especially for :

WooCommerce product configuration

Product configuration

WooCommerce custom code

New feature development

Order customization

Order page customization

Payment methods

Payment system configuration

WooCommerce delivery configuration

Delivery method configuration

WooCommerce orders enhancement

Import / export orders

WordPress support

Why choose Maintenance WP for your support?


The creation of a website requires certain technical skills, which is why it is important to be able to turn to a qualified developer or webmaster.

The support and help that will be brought to you will allow you to create a customized website, which is both up to your expectations, as well as those of your visitors.

Maintenance WP offers you a WordPress support package starting at $59/hour, and brings you the guarantee of an expertise on the subject.

Support for your WordPress site

1 – Take a look at the different WordPress support interventions we offer you

Make your choice according to your needs.

2 – Contact us

Get in touch with our teams to tell them about your objectives or problems.

3 – Start of support

Benefit from a customized support for a response to your request as soon as possible. .


Why use a WordPress support service?

In order for a website to work well, but also to evolve, it needs regular updates, checks and modifications.

To do this, WordPress is an excellent CMS that will allow you to perform a large number of actions in complete autonomy.
But sometimes, more advanced technical skills will be required to perform certain tasks.
Our WordPress support will allow you to respond to this and quickly implement what you need.

What is the difference between classical and WooCommerce interventions?

The classical interventions are proposed for all types of WordPress websites, while the interventions dedicated to WooCommerce only concern online shops using the WooCommerce extension.

This application dedicated to online sales has more technical specificities than a classical showcase website.


How do I know what the service will cost me?

We offer maintenance and support packages, but WordPress support is priced by the hour.

So, if you have a one-time task, choose a support package instead.

We will then be able to give you an estimate of the number of hours needed to solve your problem, so that you can control your budget.

If you have a lot of things to improve or verify, a monthly WordPress maintenance package will usually be more attractive.

You can discover all our offers by browsing our website or by contacting our teams.

Are you hesitating to try our WordPress support offer?

Choose a host, boost the SEO, find extensions, master WordPress and WooCommerce, create your site, manage the e-commerce part, secure a database, make a responsive and intuitive site, update applications, install the necessary tools, make a redesign to strengthen its visual identity, find the right WordPress theme, reference the content, add adwords…

The realization of a website requires many skills and some things are not done in a few clicks.

If you want to create a professional website and be able to improve it with the help of specialists, contact Maintenance WP who will accompany you and propose various customized offers, in order to meet your expectations.

Don’t wait any longer to start designing a website and finally be visible online.
Let us guide you to concretize your project and thus perfect your digital strategy.
With our help, you will be able to simply create what you want for your web showcase or your online shop.

Don’t waste any more time before launching into the adventure and developing a website that reflects your image!

Support starting from 59$

If you are interested in our support offer, you can take a look at our WordPress maintenance package to take care of your website on the long term, our WordPress personal assistance to take advantage of personalized advice but also our WordPress SEO offer to give visibility to your website!

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