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Website: What’s the use of WordPress support?

9 Feb 2021 | WordPress Support

In the course of managing a website, it is common to be at times unable to use certain features of the site, or to have difficulties in administering, updating or improving it – be it due to a bug or lack of skills. However, there is a solution that can help you resolve the problem quickly: take advantage of a WordPress support offer from an expert. 

What is a custom WordPress support offering?

A personalized WordPress support offer is a service offered to any person (professional or private) who momentarily needs help to manage their website, whether it is during the creation or modification/improvement of the site or to solve a problem.

Who offers WordPress support packages?

Support offerings are provided by WordPress experts who specialize in Web maintenance and support. These professionals are able to provide an answer to your problem by taking into account the nature of your site (e-commerce site, showcase site…) and its overall characteristics. 

This service can take different forms:

  • improvement of the site and its functionalities ;
  • bug and malfunction resolution ;
  • temporary maintenance ;
  • strengthening security ;
  • modification of certain functionalities ;
  • etc.

A support offer therefore provides you with tailor-made assistance which, depending on the situation, will allow you to :

  • quickly find a site in perfect working order;
  • improve the use of your site, its design or functionality;
  • perform the necessary updates and maintenance operations. 

What are the advantages of subscribing to a support offer?

  • Obtain a tailor-made help adapted to each problem;
  • To have a quick and targeted response for each problem ;
  • To be able to be assisted at any time and for any purpose (bug resolution, creation/modification/improvement of a website).

What’s the difference between support and maintenance?

WordPress support professionals, such as WP Maintenance, typically specialize in two areas: 

  • The support ;
  • Maintenance.

These two areas often encompass the same type of services: maintenance and support offers will each allow you to be helped to manage your website, solve a functioning problem, optimize the site’s performance or secure its data. The main difference between the two services lies in the duration of the service: 

  • the support offer, which often offers hourly rates, is more adapted to the realization of a punctual task ;
  • the maintenance offer, usually offered as a package, is more suitable for regular needs.

Website maintenance experts also often offer WordPress support. While the services provided by this service are sometimes similar to those of a support offer (such as bug and error fixes), it also includes several other services that are not directly related to the use of your CMS, but are part of a more global support package, particularly of a commercial nature.

Maintenance, support, assistance: which offer to choose? 

If you don’t know which offer to turn to, here is a summary of the different possibilities:

  • WordPress support: temporary help 
  • Maintenance: regular help and support
  • Assistance: general advice and global help

Why take a WordPress support package?

Maintaining and updating a WordPress site

No matter what your website is, it is essential to update it regularly so that it offers users an optimal browsing experience. However, this requires time and certain skills. With a WordPress support package, you don’t have to do this anymore: the expert you hire will be able to maintain your site (update WordPress themes/plugins), perform the necessary checks, and ensure its security. 

Fixing a bug

There is probably nothing worse than when a bug prevents us from using one of the features of our CMS correctly, or no longer allows us to offer our users optimal navigation. Whatever the problem is, your support offer will provide you with a quick and appropriate solution. Your site will then be back in perfect working order. 

Creation of a website

While WordPress makes some things much easier, creating a website is not something you can do without prior knowledge. Even if you can create your own site, you often lack the skills to perform certain tasks. A support offer can also be the solution in this situation. 

Improving a website

A website must be regularly improved, in order to adapt to the new expectations of Internet users and to the functioning of new plugins. It is therefore imperative to make changes at times. Here again, the WordPress support offer can meet this need through different services. The support provided by your WordPress expert will allow you to have a high-performance website that meets the user’s requirements in terms of usability and ergonomics. 

Customized WordPress support: which offer to choose?

Are you looking for a service that meets your needs quickly, professionally and efficiently? Maintenance WP offers you an “à la carte” support offer (hourly rates) able to bring a solution to all your problems: website creation, improvement, update, maintenance, bug and error resolution…

Some examples of services offered by Maintenance WP : 

  • Creation of a child theme 
  • Theme/Plugin/WordPress updates
  • Optimization of the display speed
  • Site translation/theme
  • Theme/plugin configuration
  • Installation of SSL certificate (https)
  • Pirated site cleaning
  • Site transfer and migration
  • Bug resolution
  • Design modification
  • Adding functionality
  • Strengthening security

Our WordPress support offer also has the advantage of being proposed to WooCommerce users.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about our different services (maintenance, support, assistance, WordPress website creation…) and find several advices on our blog articles. 

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